My Proven Tips to Welcome All That Abundant Goodness into Your Life!

It's totally possible for you to live the life of your desires - you just need to know how to manifest (and then supercharge that manifesting!) to make it happen

  • Learn the exact steps that supported me in taking my business from £1,000 a year to £100,000 annual revenue (YES, REALLY!)
  • Discover how to surround yourself with the right energy healing crystals to attract what you want in life
  • Get to know my favourite herb suggestions to help manifest luck, prosperity and abundance into your world.
  • *PLUS* Learn how to harness the power of the New Moon and even create Spell Jars!


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I'm Cheryl

Manifesting mentor, author and self confessed white witch.

I birthed my company, Grounded Goddess, in 2019 and what a crazy time that’s been - a true rollercoaster of emotions., lessons and blessings.

I burnt myself out doing everything that I was ‘supposed’ to, but I was having no success until I decided to lead from a heart led place and work my business around what I wanted. I chose to honour my needs, I recognised my worth and most importantly realised I WAS MORE THAN deserving of success!

In the last 18 months my business has gone from £1,000 a year to over £100,000 turnover!!

A 6-figure biz! WITH A BABY! IN A GLOBAL PANDEMIC! (It still feels surreal to say aloud!)

I’m here to show you how you really can do this too!!